Electric Vehicle Charging Points

We are pleased to announce that we attended the first ever NIC/EIC electric vehicle charging course in late 2012.  The course was based around the IET code of practise for 'Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment Installation'


The British Government has committed to meetingworldwide climate change targets that require a minimum of 1.7 million EVs to be in service over the next 5 years.


A further committment is to reduce conventional fuel demand by 80% and car emissions by 75% saving the country in excess of £15 billion per annum in fuel costs by 2030.


Government incentives to bring down the price of EVs and a national charging infrastructure will help to change peoples perceptions on electric vehicles.


We can supply and fit electric vehicle charging wall pods capable  of Mode 1, 2 & 3   charge rates depending on your vehicles requirements.

Mode 3 Charging Pod
Mode 1 Charging Pod