Intruder Alarms

As a Texecom registered installer, we supply and fit intruder alarm systems and complete around 50 installations a year. This is split roughly 50/50 new installations and old installation upgrades. We have full technical support and backing from Texecom in the unlikely event you experiance a problem. If your old system has become unreliable, you don't use it anymore and is over 7 years old, may be it's time to think about an upgrade.


We have found Texecom to be the most reliable and user friendly system around. One button will set the system and your 4 digit code will unset. Simple.


Local crime prevention officers confirm that an intruder alarm system fitted to your property will make it less attractive to burglars as they are only after easy pickings and will move on to a less secure property.


Our installed outside bell boxes have our logo printed on, this deters thieves further knowing the system is active and professionally fitted.


To further minimise the potential of false alarms, all of our systems are fitted with 230 volt and 12 volt spike supressors as standard.



Protect your home or premises even further with CCTV. The ultimate deterrant.


We can supply and fit 4 - 16 camera colour systems to suit almost all domestic and commercial applications.


With modern technology cameras can record in HD quality and at nightime.


For further information use the contacts page and we will respond asap.